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Welcome to Zweiflingen

Zweiflingen has managed to keep its charme and rural idyll up to present days. The lovely landscape is perfect for long walks, strenuous hikes or cycling tours and relaxing holidays.

360° Panorama Zweiflingen

Among old buildings and walls you can catch a glimpse of cultural history. Zweiflingen is the oldest community in the area around Öhringen with its historical church St. Nikolaus. Records from German and Roman times suggest that there used to be a water sanctuary with a small and plain chapel here. During Christianization, historical holy villages were integrated into Christian churches, also was this chapel. The church’s choir might be a relict of this sacred place, as it has an exceptional curve and also its name “Nikolaus church” indicates old age. The tower shows elements of this in the traditional Roman style.

Golf course

Golf fans will love the 27-hole golf course in Friedrichsruhe with its own golf academy. The garden-like park has many exotic trees and suits the beautiful scenery in Hohenlohe perfectly. Fast and neat greens, water hazards, various fairways and well-placed tees will allow you to have a great sport experience. The excellently designed championship course has three different theme routes: “Limes”, “Friedrichsruhe” and “Schlosspark”.  You can test your golf skills on the pitching, chipping and putting greens and learn newest golf techniques in the golf academy.

For further information please visit: www.golfclub-heilbronn.de

Hunting lodge „Hohenlohesches Jagdschloss Friedrichsruhe“

Years ago, the hunting lodge in Friedrichsruhe was built to be a zoological garden with royal Lusthaus (summer house). After being a model farm for several years, the hunting lodge is now a luxurious 5-star superior hotel -----. The beautiful park and the award-winning cuisine are often visited by gourmets. Enjoy rustic, vital or elegant delicious food of highest quality or relax in the excellent wellness and spa area.

UNESCO world heritage Limes

Zweiflingen is also located directly near the Upper-Germanic Limes. The ground monument used to go directly through the basin of Öhringen and the beautiful landscape of Hohenlohe.

Besucher können im Wald bei Zweiflingen-Pfahlbach einen der eindrucksvollsten Abschnitte des Obergermanischen Limes aus direkter Nähe erleben. Auf rund 500m Länge sind Graben und Wall am Pfahldöbel sehr gut erhalten. Weitere Informationen.

In the middle of the forest in Zweiflingen-Pfahlbach, visitors can explore one of the most impressive parts of the “Limes”: approx. 500m of the historical trench and rampart have survived previous centuries and are well preserved. Further information.

Zweiflingen, Öhringen and Pfedelbach started a common project to make the UNESCO world heritage “Limes” even more perceptible. In 2014, all three communes built three impressive viewing platforms, the so called “Limes Blicke”. From these platforms, visitors can see how the border “Limes” used to pass from Zweiflingen via Öhringen to Pfedelbach. Binoculars (free of charge) allow you to overlook the Upper-Germanic-Rhaetic Limes along approx. 11.5 km.

Steam train

Take a ride on the mini steam train in Friedrichsruhe near Zweiflingen on one of the regular public opening days. From the beginning of May to the beginning of October, whether you´re young or old, you can enjoy a ride on the original-recreated mini

Further information: www.dbf-friedrichsruhe.de