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Welcome to Pfedelbach

Pfedelbach is located near to the forest of Mainhardt and the hills of Waldenburg and has approximately 9,000 inhabitants. This area is also known as the northern border to the lovely “Naturpark Schwäbisch-Fränkischer-Wald”, a nature park with picturesque landscapes.

360° Panorama Pfedelbach

Landscape and activities

Two nature reserves “Keuperstufenrand” and “Steinbacher Tal” help to sustain the wonderful scenery and the important ecology. Enjoy and explore the blooming meadows in the spring and the farming and harvesting season in our vineyards and fruit crops during the colourful autumn in this protected habitat. Did you know? The district area of Untersteinbach has been an officially-recognized health resort for years.

Enormous forests, green fields and sparkling water offer Pfedelbach’s guests lots of possible lively and relaxing activities. For sporty action you can visit the lake of Buchhorn, two outdoor or one indoor swimming pool, the Kneipp-pool with its natural waters, or tennis courts of local sports clubs. Enjoy strenuous cycling and hiking tours or relaxing walks on our lovely cycling trails and numerous well-signposted hiking paths.

In May 2017, Pfedelbach established the theme paths “Destillat Wege”, on which pedestrians can learn something about skills of the 140 registered businesses with distilling rights in Pfedelbach. The theme paths lead around the urban districts Windischenbach and Oberohrn. There are three theme paths, on which you can learn interesting facts about fruit, distillates, viticulture and ecological topics – the information is also available in English. Near the paths you can find lots of direct sellers or the winery “Weinkellerei Hohenlohe”, where you can try and purchase local delights or visit the distilleries.

Orcharding and viticulture

Many direct sellers offer their products directly from their farms or self-service stands along the road.

Not only does orcharding form the landscape, but also viticultural areas are characteristic of our region. Thanks to a suitable climate, fruit and wine farmers can produce excellent and prizewinning red and white wines every year. The viticulture museum with its large wine barrel gives lots of interesting facts about traditional winegrowing.

Limes and Romans

Many years ago, even the Romans appreciated the mild and comfortable climate around Pfedelbach, which is why they settled here. They built the impressive border rampart “Limes”, established forts and watchtowers (e.g. the hexagonal tower in Pfedelbach-Gleichen). If you would like to see where the dead straight “Limes” used to pass through Hohenlohe, you must visit the viewing point “Limes Blick”, one of three impressive platforms.

What you must see

Also, other important eras can be found in historical buildings and cultural attractions in Pfedelbach, which has currently been assigned to be a fair trade town. Symbolic of Pfedelbach is the beautiful renaissance castle with its pretty chapel and community hall. In the prior royal stables, the local history museum can be found today.  Hidden behind the walls of an impressive timbered building from 1604, there is a cute viticulture museum. You must look at its highlight “Fürstenfass”, the third largest wine barrel in south Germany with a capacity of 64,664 litres. If you prefer curious stories, how about visiting the little “prison-distillery” in Pfedelbach’s district Harsberg. This historical distillery used to be a detention cell for prisoners.


Delicacies and events

Need a rest? No problem, just sit down in one of the cosy restaurants or wine taverns and enjoy a sip of delicious wine. On various lively and convivial events in Pfedelbach you can also try many tasty and regional treats. Some of the well-known events are the “Heuholzer Weinfest” (wine festival), “Schlossfest” (town fair), “Pfedelbacher Bierdorf” (beer festival), “Pfedelbacher Brennpunkte” (house open day of all distilleries on 1.11.) and the beautiful Christmas market. If you would like to see cultural shows or organise your own event or party, you will love the town hall “Nobelgusch”.