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The picturesque landscape from Bretzfeld to Zweiflingen couldn’t be explored better than during a lovely walk. You can enjoy the country around the gems of Hohenlohe with all your senses:  bright and colourful vineyards, sweet scented (or smelling) fields, golden wheat, shady trails through the beautiful forests and of course, the delicious regional fruit – you will love your hike through Hohenlohe.

You will find your way easily thanks to numerous well-signposted round tours and marked maps. Pilgrims and long-distance hikers often pass through our region on their tours with the popular hiking society “Schwäbischer Albverein”.


Examples for nice long walks or hikes

Distillate path – theme path around Pfedelbach

Information panels also in English
Round tours of 3.4 to 6.9 km

Tours in and around Bretzfeld

In Bretzfeld, there are nearly 200 km of well-signposted hiking trails.

12 parking lots for hikers and 28 circular trails from 1.9 to 8.8 km are waiting for your next lovely walk near Bretzfeld.

Tours near Öhringen

Near Öhringen you will find 11 well-signed circular tours with different difficulty levels. Nature lovers must go on one of the various tours around Ohrnberg, Baumerlenbach or Möglingen. Pick the suitable length or difficulty for yourself.

information and map "Hiking tours around Oehringen"

Tours in and around Pfedelbach

Near Pfedelbach you will find 11 well-signed tours with different difficulty levels. Most of them are circular tours. Nature lovers may enjoy the varied landscapes around Untersteinbach, Schuppach, Pfedelbach and Heuholz.

information and map