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Welcome to Öhringen

Öhringen is the largest town in Hohenlohe with 25,000 inhabitants. The history of Öhringen goes right back to the Romans, who established the settlement “Vicus Aurelianus” directly by the UNESCO world heritage Limes. Later, the village was known as royal residence and chief administrative city (Oberamtsstadt). Located in the north-east of Baden-Wurttemberg, Öhringen has built up a good reputation as a charming and lively town due to its good traffic connection. The town is located directly at the “Deutsche Limes-Straße” (German Limes Road), the “Württemberger Weinstraße” (Wine Route of Baden-Wurttemberg) and the “Burgenstraße” (Castle Road).

360° Panorama Öhringen

The late Gothic church (Stiftskirche), the impressive renaissance palace, the gorgeous palace garden with its baroque royal theatre ensemble and the historical arch “Oberes Tor”, make the previous Landesgartenschau-town (a famous German botanical fair in 2016) a popular destination with historical atmosphere. Lively events such as the “Öhringer Pferdemarkt” (market with funfair and horse awards), the “Hohenloher Weindorf” (popular wine festival), the “Hohenloher Genießerdorf” (market with regional delights and cultural highlights), the “Sommerfestival” (festival with live music, comedy and cabaret) and the lovely Christmas market offer best entertainment for both tourists and inhabitants.


Eat, enjoy, sleep, repeat.

In Öhringen you can combine your sightseeing tour with a shopping trip perfectly. A variety of wonderful products can be purchased in the town centre as well as in the external shopping centres “Ö-Center” near the motorway A6 and “Steinsfeldle” near the town of Pfedelbach.

The popular restaurants, bars and pubs in Öhringen offer a wide range of delights. Typical German beer gardens and wine pubs with seasonal and Swabian specialities or delicious international food – you decide.

Overnight stays in Öhringen are suitable for various prefers and budgets: cosy apartments with beautiful furniture in a quiet, rural area, centrally located and stylish city hotels or the five star “Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe” for extra luxurious vacation. If you are travelling with a caravan, you can enjoy your stay at the prizewinning camping site “HEICamp”.


Museums, history, city tours

Museums in Öhringen show the history of past centuries and interesting topics: Roman history, tin manufacturing, post-war centrepieces and useful items, oceanic funds and domestic handicraft – you will be delighted. Enjoy stunning landscapes from the viewing point “Limes Blick” or learn something about Öhringen’s Roman history at the “Limes Tor”, a gigantic reproduction of an original Roman porch.

Öhringen offers a wide range of city tours. Professional tour guides will take you on an exciting ride through past, present and future times. If you would like to book your tour in English or French, just let us know.

Country idyll, hiking and cycling

Around Öhringen you can find country idyll with beautiful agriculture, community life and efficient direct sellers, well-known for their freshly picked organic fruit and vegetables, self-produced wine and distillates. Try and enjoy regional delights in the popular “Besenwirtschaften” (typical wine taverns, that serve self-produced food and drinks only) – please be aware of seasonal opening hours. If you like long hikes and relaxing walks, you will love the beautiful paths through gentle vineyards and fields as in Michelbach, or colourful meadows and fruit plantations as in Baumerlenbach, both urban districts of Öhringen.

Cyclists can discover numerous lovely tours around Öhringen. The round tour “RADius” will give you lots of interesting facts about Öhringen while enjoying lovely views. The recently extended trail “Ohrntalradweg”, almost completely flat, leads through idyllic fields to the river “Kocher”. For longer tours, we recommend our well-developed cycle path network with its supra-regional trails, e.g. “Burgenstraßenradweg“, “Kocher-Jagst-Radweg“, “Kraichgau-Hohenlohe-Radweg“ and “Deutscher Limes-Radweg” or the “Buckelestour”.