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Welcome to Bretzfeld

Near Heilbronn and Öhringen, the small town Bretzfeld is known as “Gate to Hohenlohe” and is not only connected to transportation very well due to its A6 motorway junction, but is also peacefully located. Picturesque vineyards, colourful fields, natural meadows, gently flowing streams, massive forests and lots of interesting playgrounds make Bretzfeld a popular place for both visitors and inhabitants.


Successful and excellent viticulture

Wine has been very important for Bretzfeld for hundreds of years, and was mentioned in the first document in 1335. In the previous century, 270 hectares of wine-growing land allowed Bretzfeld to become one of the largest viticultural areas in the region. The soft and gentle vineyards produce wines with extraordinary essences and of high quality. Discovered by various gourmets, wines from Bretzfeld have reached supra-regional appreciation. Enjoy regional delights in one of the cosy and hearty wine taverns and pubs or high-class restaurants.

Winegrowers from Bretzfeld invite their guests to numerous enjoyable events throughout the whole year. Experience self-manufactured and regional products, delicious wine and live music. 

Hiking and cycling

Approximately 200 km of well-signposted hiking trails and the cycling routes “Brettachtal-Radweg” and "Circular Tour West" lead you on stunning tours through fields, forests and vineyards round the district of Bretzfeld. Enjoy regional delights in one of the numerous cosy and hearty wine taverns and pubs.