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Wellness & swimming

Hot weather? No problem, simply jump into the cool water in our outdoor swimming pools, splash down enormous water slides or enjoy a cool drink – welcome to the beach! On cooler days, you can also go for a swim in our indoor pools or relax in the salt grotto. Wellness, spa and gorgeous sauna heat – visit our pools and hotels, you will love it.

Outdoor pools

Outdoor pool Öhringen "H2Ö – Das Strandbad"

Address: Rendelstraße 31, 74613 Öhringen

Outdoor pool Michelbach

Expected closure in 2023 and 2024 due to construction work.

Address: Am Sportplatz 17, 74613 Öhringen

Outdoor pool Oberohrn

Address: Altenbergstraße 22, 74629 Pfedelbach

Outdoor pool Untersteinbach

Address: Freibadweg 15, 74629 Pfedelbach

Indoor pools

Indoor pool "Rendel-Bad" in Öhringen

Address: Rendelstraße 30, 74613 Öhringen

Indoor pool in Pfedelbach

Address: Pestalozzistraße 18, 74629 Pfedelbach

Swimming lake

"Buchhorner See" in Pfedelbach-Buchhorn


Sauna in indoor pool Pfedelbach

Sauna in indoor pool "Rendel-Bad" in Öhringen

Sauna in Hotel "Rose" in Bretzfeld-Bitzfeld

Sauna and Spa in Hotel "Württemberger Hof" in Öhringen

Sauna and Spa in Hotel "Wald & Schlosshotel" in Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe