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Event highlights

In Bretzfeld

„Rebenglühen“ – A wine festival with impressive illuminations in the vineyards near Bretzfeld

Bretzfelder Musikfest  - Brass music festival Bretzfeld

In Öhringen

Öhringer Pferdemarkt  - Traditional agricultural fair with a large horse exhibition

Street Food Festivals

Hohenloher Genießerdorf  - Market for gourmets, garden and culture fans

Hohenloher Weindorf  - Well-known wine festival

Sommerfestival im Hofgarten Festival with music, cabaret and comedy in the palace garden

Herbstmarkt Traditional Autumn market

Night of Music

In Pfedelbach

Frühlingsmarkt Pfedelbach  - Spring market in Pfedelbach

Weinfest in Heuholz  - Wine festival in Heuholz

Pfedelbacher „Brennpunkte“ - Open day in various distilleries

In Zweiflingen

Fahrtage der Dampfbahnfreunde Friedrichsruhe  - Steam train opening hours in Friedrichsruhe

Oldtimer rallye Heidelberg Historic

Rotational in Öhringen, Pfedelbach and Zweiflingen

„Am Limes grenzenlos“ - Limes theme day „Am Limes grenzenlos“

In all four communities

Sparkling Christmas markets

Please note: Due to the worldwide Corona-pandemic, events might have to be cancelled at short notice. We do our best to keep the information on this website up to date. Still, we cannot guarantee that the provided information is fully up to date at every time. For current information, please contact the respective event organizer. Thank you for your understanding.

Events in our region suit all preferences: gourmets and agricultural fans will enjoy events like the traditional horse market in Öhringen, the gourmet market Hohenloher Genießerdorf or the beer festival in Pfedelbach. If you love cultural events, you must visit the summer festival in the palace garden of Öhringen or the „Lange Nacht der Kultur“, an atmospheric night full of high class theatrical plays and culture  in Öhringen. Or if you prefer dancing and listening to music, how about going to the „Night of Music“ in Öhringen or the brass music festival in Bretzfeld? And around Christmas time you will find lots of sparkling Christmas markets. The event locations „KULTURa“ in Öhringen and „Nobelgusch“ in Pfedelbach offer even more theatre, concerts, musicals, comedy and events for kids. You won’t be bored here – we promise!