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Camping and camping sites

You like to go on holiday with your camper van or love adventurous nights in a tent in the countryside? We recommend the camping site in Öhringen or various camping sites in Pfedelbach

For a list of all types of accommodation, please have a look at the list of hosts (German only) in Bretzfeld, Öhringen, Pfedelbach and Zweiflingen.


How to use the map

To have a closer look at the specific locations and offers, zoom into the map by scrolling in with the mouse or the plus and minus buttons on the left.

You can move the map to any place you wish, simply by clicking on the spot and holding your mouse key while moving the map.

On your mobile phone, you can zoom in and out using two fingers or move the map by swiping with your finger.

You will get more information to a particular location by clicking or tapping on the specific icon.