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Gems of Hohenlohe

beautiful countryside and fascinating history

Nach Pfedelbach Nach Zweiflingen Nach Öhringen Nach Bretzfelder

Welcome to Hohenlohe

Enjoy your stay with the “gems of Hohenlohe” – the four picturesque communities Öhringen, Bretzfeld, Pfedelbach and Zweiflingen located in the beautiful region of Hohenlohe in the West of southern Germany. The four communities work together to make their touristic offers even more attractive for their guests and visitors. Come and experience countless possibilities for entertaining moments and pleasurable tours.

Let our image film inspire you!

Beautiful tracks for hikers and cyclists will allow you to stroll through the beautiful countryside amongst colourful vineyards and fruit meadows. History fans will enjoy exploring the UNESCO World Heritage LIMES, numerous spots for sight seeing tours, impressive buildings of different eras and museums covering a variety of exciting topics. Entertaining events and festivals take place throughout the whole year and lots of possibilities for families with kids complete our wide range of touristic attractions.

This website provides lots of helpful information on topics such as cycling, hiking, attractions, guided tours, culture, local delights, events, accommodation and much more.

Explore the beautiful region around the gems of Hohenlohe and enjoy your stay – we’re looking forward to seeing you!

This page is still under construction, but undoubtedly you’ll already find interesting information – feel free to take a look!